Joe Biden’s FBI Raid Crossed the Rubicon

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This week we see the continued weaponization of the federal government against the American people. Is there any turning back now?

In raiding Donald Trump’s Florida home at Mar-a-Lago on Monday, the Biden Administration has just crossed the Rubicon with an irresponsible and irrevocable decision. Siccing the state police on the former president is only the latest attempt by the radicals on Biden’s team to prevent the great disrupter from returning to the White House. 

The extremists who now control the Democrats have spilled the beans. In two ways, at least, Donald Trump is an impediment to their goal of disassembling the republic and replacing it with collectivism. He is a Washington, D.C. and political outsider who wants to dismantle the extraconstitutional power structure that enriches and empowers the uni-party, the deep state, the “swamp,” the status quo. He also symbolizes the return to a more egalitarian, capitalist interpretation of the Constitution and Declaration of Independence that recognizes the value of every human being.

If you think it isn’t about preventing Trump from running and winning the election in 2024, you have been sleeping.

Fanatic Democratic Party lawyer Marc Elias stated the obvious rationale driving the politically motivated attacks on Trump: obtaining a conviction would prevent Trump from ever holding office again, and even if a crime couldn’t be proven, mounting a criminal defense in the midst of a presidential election would be a “blockbuster” in American politics.

The abusive raid by the FBI is unprecedented in American history. Somehow, the FBI was able to marshal its resources to raid Mar-a-Lago and seize 15 boxes that were packed by Trump’s staff before leaving the White House. Boxes containing everything from newspaper clippings to memorabilia are now in the FBI’s hands.

The documents—if there are documents—that the FBI reportedly sought were in no imminent danger of being destroyed. The FBI simply wanted to demonstrate its power against the former president to make all Americans cower.

By Andy Biggs

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