GREAT BRITAIN – A Virtual Trip to London

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The capital city of England and the United Kingdom, London, attracts tourists with its breathtaking sculptures, architecture and other sights. 4K URBAN LIFE presents this hour long trip to London accompanied by the inspiring instrumental music.

Begin your journey from the Victoria and Albert Museum (0:45) crowded with many tourists and British citizens. Walk through the local streets while spectating red public busses, gorgeous spring pink blossom, and appear at the Natural History Museum (7:30) with lots of youth spending time in groups around the museum area. Continue your journey at the Wellington Arch (13:40) with its vast sculpture that depicts peace standing on a four-horse chariot, driven by a young boy, and don’t rush while spectating the Bukhingham Palace (15:46) with the views of the beautiful red tulips garden, gorgeous sculptures, golden arches, and distinctive guards wearing red uniforms. Take in wonderful green scenery and lake views from the St. James Park (32:57) and become a part of the big number of happy visitors. Get inspired by the views of the London Eye (39:06), and such architectural buildings as the Attorney General’s Office (41:44), Her Majesty Revenue and Customs (42:29) ending up at the picturesque Parliament Square Garden (42:48). Open a virtual window to different countries and cities, and travel around the worlds without leaving your house.

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