NETHERLANDS: A Walking Tour of The Hague

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Take a 4K virtual walking tour in The Hague (Den Haag), capital of the province of South Holland. Visit the main squares, colorful local streets, canals, and many hidden corners of the city.

You will have an opportunity to virtually visit ‘Het Binnenhof'(3:19), political heart of Holland, Het Plein (8:40), town square in the old city center, the Lange Voorhout (4:11), street in the old city center, Grote Marktstraat (23:33), one of the most important shopping areas… You will discover the Arch in the Binnenhof palace, Binnenhof palace, Knights’ Hall (Ridderzaal), New Church, Grote Kerk, Escher Museum and more! Dive into the lively pace of tourists, bikes, and trams! Enjoy beautiful landscapes of the canal system and colorful tulips on the waterfront of the city! Walk, get lost in the old city center, enjoy its small streets and admire all the different building styles… Enjoy background melody and city sounds and relax! Get a closer look at Hague’s most interesting and unique sites, and learn about the city’s everyday life, with a 4K Hague documentary film! Feel a great delight and use the video as a beautiful 4K TV screensaver at any place!

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