FRANCE: A Virtual Trip to Paris in Late Autumn

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Visit Paris, France and explore the beautiful Capital. Late autumn is one of the most peaceful times of the year to visit Paris. Visit the main outdoor sights and attractions, enjoy the local people and the quiet atmosphere and calm urban scenes. Listen to the relaxing music and let your imagination soar.

Eiffel Tower (00:45) Triumphal Arch (5:49) Louvre Palace (7:01) The Louvre (7:46) The garden of the Great Explorers (9:40) The Luxembourg Garden (10:26) Medici Fountain (13:41) The Latin Quarter (15:59) Cite Island (16:57) City Hall (18:40) Boars of State (20:06) The Roayal Palace (20:30) The Roayal Palace Garden (21:24) Palais Garnier (21:52) Vendome Square (22:55) Area of Concorde (24:02) Galer Museum (24:27) Chaillot’s Palace (25:13) Notre-Dame Bridge (25:29) Conciergerie (25:44) New Bridge (25:40) Bridge of Arts (29:01) Gardens of the Champs-Elysees (30:00) Tertre Square (34:08) The Rose House (34:39) The Wall Pass (35:24) Montmartre (36:00) Wall of Love (38:23) Army Museum (39:34) Footbridge of Solferino (43:16) View from Eiffel Tower (45:44)

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