NETHERLANDS – A Virtual Trip to Haarlem and Delft

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Haarlem and Delft in the Netherlands are popular tourist destinations. Haarlem is the capital of the province Noord Holland, and is the city that has everything: from canals to museums! And Delft is famous for it well known historical monuments and medieval architecture. Relive the past in these glorious Dutch cities! Enjoy the beautiful river scenes, the atmosphere of the streets, and famous historic sites. Discover these amazing cities with us in 4K and plan your next trip to the Netherlands.

Welcome to the gorgeous Dutch canal cities, Haarlem and Delft! This 4K documentary film will show you beautiful canals, main squares, modern and old bridges, wonderful streets and ancient buildings in all their glory! You will have an opportunity to see the best destinations such as Korte Spaarne (0:25), Gravesteneburg (1:47), Grote Markt (4:58), Eastern Gate (18:12) and many more! Enjoy the local atmosphere filled by riverboats and bikes! No roads, no cars, just a lot of boats! Learn the unique technology of Gravestenenbrug, a double drawbridge over Spaarne river(3:36)! Enjoy the serene atmosphere of various attractions in the city center (10:32)! Discover interesting souvenir shops with Dutch wooden shoes called clomps (16:49)! Experience the historical heart of the city – the Blue Heart of Delft (17:27). This sculpture represents the excellence in local blue pottery, known better as Delftware. Discover the true traditional architecture of Dutch homes! Plunge into the carefree atmosphere of Dutch cities filled with sunshine and fun! Listen to the soothing music and relax! Discover the rich culture of this country in our 4K documentary film!

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